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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brand new toy, Samsung Galaxy S3 + i9305 LTE + 2GB RAM = AMAZING! / Personal Review*

Just got my new phone 2 days ago and i must say that this is the best so far, the extra 1GB Ram has a great impact on the Android OS, the multitasking is finally what it should be and its more easy now to browse through apps.

Will post a complete review after i'll test it some more.

*Review update:

I was very excited when i realised that i have the possibility, in my country, to purchase a i9305 phone. So i went and got it right away, without studding even a bit the webz and get some info about available roms / mods for this model.

My head was stuck on the 2GB of ram, thinking that it will increase the phone's performance and stability, and i can easily say that it did just that. The multitasking was the first tested and it performed great, the apps are stuck in memory and they don't get trashed even when you open 15-20, you can also browse through the menus very fast and with no issues.
As far as multitasking performance goes, this model is well ahead the simple S3.

Usable RAM is about 1.77GB, i guess the rest is reserved for the OS, so you have plenty to support even the newest games, because here is where you can really test it. I played a few and was very satisfied with the overall feeling, some of them are more stable than on S3, meaning that the game is fluent and doesn't skip frames.
Games performance, again above the S3.

The real problem with this model is the lack of developers interested in it. Most of them still got the S3 and don't want to jump to this one with just a few months 'til the official release of the Galaxy S4 GT-i9500. There's only 1 custom kernel available, ONE! yes, you read it right :( and a handful of custom roms, which are nothing else that stock firmwares with removed bloatware and 3way reboot, things that you can easily do with TB by freezing the bloatware, so basically i'm fucked!

I am a big fan of the ParanoidAndroid project and i was very disappointed when i realized that i won't be able to use their roms anymore.

But maybe, just maybe, there is some hope for the i9305, just recently, the well known CyanogenMod coder, codeworkx, started to release some unofficial nighties for 4.2.2 based CM rom! This is a great news for me and for the entire i9305 community, having a lead developer of CM working for us, maybe it will make other join the revolution :)
The phone boots up and can be used... as a phone ;) the mic is working, 3g/4g working, wifi ok, shortly we will have a official CyanogenMod rom for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Gt-i9305

The final word is this: if you want great stability in games / multitasking and you also have 150+ apps in your phone, get the i9305, no doubt!
But, if you just want to browse the web, listen to some music and play Angry Birds, stick to the basic S3, a great phone that can still be used for many years to come!

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