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Thursday, February 9, 2012

F.U.C.K. A.C.T.A. - Another tracker closed,

Although it hasn't been officially voted, ACTA strikes in hard the p2p sharing community, not directly, but helped by lawsuits.
After the closing of megaupload and filesonic, now the trackers start to go down one by one.

First to go is a good old quality porn tracker,

"Hello fellow FilePorners

Unfortunately we have to terminate our tracker services due to a "copyright infringements" lawsuit. There isn't much we can do but comply to their terms.
It was a great privilege running this community all this time. I wanted to thank our Moderators, Uploaders (old or new) and YOU forum.

A great THANKS to all VIP members and supporters of this tracker. Your generosity was vital for this tracker to stay alive, the lack of funds has always been an issue for us.

There will be no comeback from the original FilePorn admins/mods team.

Thanks for your support, dedication and your time.

 FilePorn Admin, 9/2/2012."


I didn't even finished to write this post and i just saw that another porn tracker is closed, this time is

As i just said, this shit is bad...


And another one,, gone for good...


  1. REALLY BAD!!!! Fuck ACTA!! This Shit is killing US slowly!!!

  2. cant a site be dreated where movies can be submitted and down loaded to those of interest?

  3. I have hundreds of top quality movies which I have d/l from fileporn and would be only too happy to submit them to a viable site.