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Saturday, May 7, 2011

DVD Cover - Exact Size in Photoshop - How to print

If u'r trying to make and print a dvd cover with special programs or plain windows soft you will soon realize that is not so simple to get it done.

I have tried several size and pixels / dpi settings, until i finally got the exact size for a perfect DVD Case cover, but i only got it to work doing the following 5 easy steps:

1. Open the image you want to use for cover in Photoshop (it's recommended to be a large size pic)

2. Resize it to 277mm(10,9") x 182mm(7,17") x 300 DPI

3. Save it as a .jpg file, let's say "testCS5.jpg" (select the max size, also the best)

If u try to print it now, the resulting cover will be oversized and you'll have to cut into the picture for it to fit the dvd case, so follow the next steps:

4. Convert "testCS5.jpg" to PDF, using any converter out there, i prefer Nitro PDF, it has a intuitive user interface and it also mounts a virtual printer for perfect converting of pictures / documents.

5. Print it: open the resulting "testCS5.pdf" in any pdf reader, Nitro or Adobe Reader and print it, you don't have to change any settings, just remember to select "Page Scaling: None", because it's already the exact size.

Some useful info:

DVD Cover size - 277mm(10,9") x 182mm(7,17") (front+spine+back)

Front / Back - 132mm(5,2") x 182mm(7,17")

Spine - 12mm(o,5") x 182mm(7,17")

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